Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear Gin

January 31, 2010

Dear Gin,

I curse you.

I love you.

I hate the fact that I love you this much.

I think you have been angry at me for not being around as often as I used to be.

I'm sorry.

No need to take it out on me in this way.

The headache I had this morning from my night in your intoxicating embrace was enough.

Why the second, worse round?

I know I haven't been around as much as you would have liked.

I haven't been around as much as I'd have liked.

Forgive me.

You are sweet on my lips. I made love to you last night.

And like a women scorned, I am in pain.

Damn you, Gin.

Till we meet again, in some random bar, in some strangers house, in a familiar setting, know this:

I love you but I don't love your wrath.

Penny Lane


Ted said...

Dear Brandy,

You are the scourge and fire in my soul,

For it feels, in the ocean of lonliness, you are my only friend,

And here we sit together again...with friends on the line...

and I am still lonely...

oh brandy....

I miss you and love you...

hate you and am pained by

Penny Lane said...

ode to our vices :)