Thursday, January 6, 2011


January 6, 2011

To my dear, defunct therapist:

We never talked about forgiveness when I was having my sessions with you in the summer of 2010. Why didn't we? I suppose we never got to that point as we were still dealing with my current emotional issues. I suspect if I had gone on and continued to see you past the free sessions provided through work, we might have touched on that subject.

I kind of wish we had because I'm stuck in a moral dilemma. I'm holding an awful grudge and its one I really don't see growing out of any time soon.

It's strange because the person has given me a heartfelt apology and I know they really meant it. They also have been treating me with great respect and love since the incident, but somehow, I just can't shake it and I don't feel I will any time soon.

I am wondering, oh my defunct therapist, if this will pass? Will I one day be able to just dump this along with so many other things?

I better...

If not, I think you and I will be having our monthly meetings again...


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Hal said...

just guessing, obviously, but for example, if someone does me wrong, even though they apologize and make amends, i still feel a sense of loss over the wrong i suffered; and as with any other loss, there is a period of grieving that i have to live through and work through.