Friday, August 26, 2011


August 26, 2011

Dear David and Kathleen,

I'm kind of at a loss, not even sure where to start with this letter to you. I'm compelled to say something, do something, relate something, but my emotions are still raw and my heart is still aching from your story.

When the documentary about your story ended, and I saw the website for, I went right away with the intent to write a very scathing letter to someone, anyone about the horrible way the government and the legal system dealt with your case. I was beyond moved to see that all your hard work and dedication has moved Zachary's Bill into Law in Canada in 2010. I'm late, but I still wanted to offer my deepest respect and my most heartfelt thanks.

People tend to do two things when tragedy hits - they succumb to it or they use it as motivation. You are the change you want to see the world and both of you embody that like I've never seen before. I couldn't imagine how hard it was to have to speak about both David and Zachary over and over again. I like to think that doing so did help you both come to terms with things, but how could someone? How does one recover from that?

The change you have made in the world is vast, is wonderful and is an amazing legacy for the both of you, and for your son and grandson. It is beyond unfortunate you had to lose two things so very dear for this change to happen, it makes me more angry that I can even relate. How completely and totally unfair.

I think anyone who personally knows you, all those people who were interviewed in the documentary are beyond lucky to have you in their lives. That statement about 'you still have children' moves me so much and I can see it. You have opened your hearts to everyone who both David's and Zachary's lives have touched and have created a family that has a bond tighter than blood.

I'm finding it hard to even put into words how I am feeling about what I just saw. To be brute and honest, I was in complete shock when I heard about what happened to Zachary and I found myself sobbing uncontrollably. You did all you could, you tried everything you could to keep that boy safe and its not fair. It's so not fair. Any logical person could see that Zachary should have stayed with you, and that his mother was not fit to be anywhere around him. It kills me that he is not here. Before I knew of his fate, I was thinking... well, Zachary was 1 in 2001 so he would be about 11 now.. and I keep thinking about that.and realizing that its just not true. I feel the need to say I am so so sorry, but part of me also feels that its just not enough.

Thank you for carrying on, for not succumbing and thank you, beyond words for sharing your story and inspiring so many people to fight for what they believe is right.The memory of David and Zachary will live on because of you. It's incredible and as heartbroken as I am right now, I see the hope, I see the change and I see the vast amount of love you have in your life and it warms me.

Thank you,